The Netherwrold Bugel


The records and concept work of Frohmanski's work on creating a webcomic and world it takes place in.

Welcome Denizens of Netherworld,

You'll find my work on constructing my comic and the world it takes place in here, I post most of my final works here, on my Twitter..

What's a Netherworld and what does it do?

Well my inquisitive gremlin, Netherworld is planet sparsely populated by a plethora of flora and fauna. Most notably of which are the surface dwelling Netherlings, very similar to human beings. Of which ChloƩ, my art's mascot, is one of.

Netherworld blends late 20th century technology with fantasy elements, in recent history a Necromancer's attempt at preventing the aging process yielded success, so much success in fact that noone on the entire planet has aged a second since it happened. However something went awry, for you see magic in Netherworld has a cost.

When a fireball is hurled, somewhere nearby becomes freezing cold. So as the Necromancer completed his work in freezing time, time itself was consumed leaving the planet frozen in space. Strangely though, through comic book logic or some strange weave of spells, the people and things of Netherworld still go about their daily lives. However they have all the time in the universe to do so, so things are a lot more relaxed around the place.

Why the website?

I wanted to create a place I could compile my ideas and concepts, so I can look back on my progress in an organised fashion. Having my own little space I can freely stick out ideas and work is something social media just can't provide.

I'm still learning HTML so bear with me while the sites gettin' constructed